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About the Historic Rose Journal

The Group’s bi-annual publication ‘Historic Rose Journal’ contains a wealth of informative and interesting articles by leading authors on the history of the rose. Articles are fully illustrated and also include information about conferences, visits and tours undertaken by the Group. The Journal is free to members of the Historic Roses Group.

A selection from the many and varied articles on the rose which have appeared in the Historic Roses Group magazine since the group was founded in 1990 can be accessed on the articles page. It includes none from the last two issues, which for the moment remain exclusive to members and subscribers.

Forming a valuable research resource, a full list of the articles which have appeared in the magazine so far can be seen on the articles index page while a list of the roses illustrated is on the illustrations index page. Copies of most past issues can be obtained from the editor :

Milton Nurse, Flat B, 34 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4PU.

Price: £5 per copy

Read a summary of the content of the latest issue on the News page

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